Seminar on Solar Cars with Report

According to the article, solar cars are cars that use the sun for energy. They run by converting sunlight into energy. The electrical system is the significant system of the car, because it is what converts sunlight to energy. The mechanical system is difficult because it needs to be strong yet light weight. This is now achieved with composite materials. The ratio and weight is not the only factor; price is also important. Solar cars are beneficial because they do not use fossil fuels and they reduce pollution. But, they are limited in speed and power, and are only practical in areas with a lot of sunlight.
I believe solar cars can be a big help for the environment. They create less pollution and reduce the amount of oil drilling needed. Most important is the battery. Since batteries only have a limited life it will reduce how much people want them. However, people who live in areas with a lot of sunlight will find them very useful. It is only a matter of time before a way is found to store the energy for longer and make it easier for everyone to use them. I also think the things advance quickly and now that people see pollution as a problem more money will be spent to improve the technology. I think it is time for electric cars because the more people drive and buy them the more they will work to fix the problems. Besides, people are learning how bad pollution is, so they want to fix it and these cars could help.

Seminar on  Solar Cars.............Click Here to Download

Seminar on  Solar Cars with Report.............Click Here to Download



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