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As the Internet expands, two new waves of innovation -- comprising what Forrester calls the X Internet -- are already eclipsing the Web: an executable Net that greatly improves the online experience and an extended Net that connects the real world.An executable Net that supplants today's Web will move code to user PCs and cause devices to captivate consumers in ways static pages never could. Today's news, sports, and weather offered on static Web pages is essentially the same content presented on paper, making the online experience more like reading in a dusty library than participating in a new medium.

The extended Internet is reshaping technology's role in business through Internet devices and applications which sense, analyze, and control data, therefore providing more real-time information than ever before about what is going on in the real world.The X Internet will not be a new invention, but rather the evolution of today's Internet of static Web pages and cumbersome e-commerce mechanisms into a Net that relies on executable software code to deliver more interactive experiences.Executable Internet applications use downloaded code like Java and XML to enhance the user experience with pop-up menus, pick lists, graphics and simple calculations, according to a recent Forrester report entitled "The X Internet."An easy way to understand how the X Internet will work is to imagine that a band wants to distribute a song over the Net. Rather than worrying about which audio player people want to use, an executable file will deliver the song and the audio player at the same time.

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PARTH SINHA (24.06.2013 (15:25:14))
seminar Yes No It's very good!Quote
Study Mafia Admin (25.10.2013 (10:21:53))
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rajat sharma (07.03.2014 (16:12:56))
Yes No Sir, the ppt you have uploaded here is not about x-internet. and the seminar report is not getting is giving error.

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