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Nanoscience is the study of effects while nanotechnology is more about fabrication.
Nanotechnology is about is building machines at the molelcular level. Machines so small they can travel through your blood stream. Since the days of D.W. Griffith, Hollywood movies have always entertained our need to be scared out of our seats with all things creepy-crawly, like an invasion of ants or spiders. Nanorobots traveling on highways just behind our eyeballs? Now that’s scary. It is precisely such fear that will hinder nanotechnological development, and for good reason. The thought of nanorobots on a search and destroy mission to see out mutated bacteria and viruses in the body is enough to make most sci-fi stories up until now look like Disney cartoons. What’s to prevent one of these nanorobots from going “mad?” If that’s not enough, imagine these nanorobots as weapons of mass destruction. Many scientists and other socially concerned individuals are, in fact, imagining such scenarios.Nanotechnology is the manufacturing of electronic circuits and mechanical devices at the molecular level. At the molecular level, scientists can create materials and structures atom by atom, with fundamentally new functions and characteristics. But for as small as nanotechnology might be in design, its scope dramatically affects every other field, from the biosciences to medicine, from physics to DNA manipulation. Nanotechnology promises many new benefits in medicine. The National Cancer Institute is funding a project that uses nanotechnology to develop a targeted delivery system for anti-cancer drugs. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is funding researchers at Biomod Surfaces in Salisbury, MA, using nanofiber technology to create blood vessel replacements for vascular disease and heart bypass surgeries. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and Howard University, Washington D.C., are creating injectable nanoparticles that control delivery and availability of naltrexone, a medication for treatment of alcoholism and other addictivedisorders.

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