Seminar on Hyper Threading With Report

Hyper-Threading Technology is a groundbreaking innovation from Intel® Corporation that enables multi-threaded software applications to execute threads in parallel This level of threading technology has never been seen before in a general-purpose microprocessor. Internet, e-Business, and enterprise software applications continue to put higher demands on processors.
To improve performance in the past, threading was enabled in the software by splitting instructions into multiple streams so that multiple processors could act upon them.Today with Hyper-Threading Technology, processor-level threading can be utilized which offers more efficient use of processor resources for greater parallelism and improved performance on today's multi-threaded software. Hyper-Threading Technology provides thread-level-parallelism (TLP) on each processor resulting in increased utilization of processor execution resources. As a result, resource utilization yields higher processing throughput. Hyper-Threading Technology is a form of simultaneous multi-threading technology (SMT) where multiple threads of software applications can be run simultaneously on one processor.
This technology is largely invisible to the platform. In fact, many applications are already multi-threaded and will automatically benefit from this technology. Today's multi-processing aware software is also compatible with Hyper-Threading Technology enabled platforms, but further performance gains can be realized by specifically tuning software for Hyper-Threading Technology. This technology complements traditional multi-processing by providing additional headroom for future software optimizations and business growth.

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