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Honeypots are an exciting new technology. They allow us to turn the tables on the bad guys. In the past several years there has been growing interest in exactly what this technology is and how it works.

A honeypot is used in the area of computer and Internet security. It is a resource, which is intended to be attacked and computerized to gain more information about the attacker, and used tools. One goal of this paper is to show the possibilities of honeypots and their use in research as well as productive environment.

Compared to an intrusion detection system, honeypots have the big advantage that they do not generate false alerts as each observed traffic is suspicious, because no productive components are running in the system.

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Honeypot Yes No Plzzz send me Honeypot ppt which contains What is honeypot ?? How It works ?? Advantages ?? Disadvantages ?? Uses of It ?? ETCQuote


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